W H O  I S
D E V E R A U X ?




I could sit here and pretend you're asking yourself that question, or any question I answered in my old FAQS but the truth is, no one is googling, “who is deveraux gallagher?” "how tall is she?" or "is Deveraux really your real name?" (yes it is)


Despite knowing that no one is interested in my life story (as least as much as I am), I’ve been building my internet legacy since 2014. And because I try my hardest to live by not caring what others say, i'm going to tell you who Deveraux Gallagher really is.


At the naive age of 10, I laid the first brick of my empire with, deverauxgrace.blogspot.com, <"lifestyle blog, new posts every Wednesday and Friday"> (what can I say, i've been a branding genius since the 4th grade).


What ten year old me was writing about back then is something I mostly choose to ignore, and I cannot remember anyone who read it. But I was following right along with all the twenty-something influencers writing about their own "Fall Favorites", "Morning Routines", and packing tutorials.

But I blogged, because even at that age, writing felt…important.


Around 11, I found some new influencers writing about their trips to Bali, running at the beach late at night with their friends, and daily struggles. I decided to switch "my brand" to follow along with the new trends of being more vulnerable as I found it easier to connect with their story than an unattainable room tour.


I continued to write throughout the years whenever I got inspired, and a few more people started listening. My writings took lots of editing but I had some people tell me that they loved what I wrote, so I kept going.


The problem was, the positive feedback I was receiving made me want more and more out of my internet life. Through early adolescence, I kept writing these memories that made my life sound enchanting & my problems seem small to get an audience. But the older I got, the more things changed and "Belting in a Neighbors Hot Tub" wasn't as easy to embellish as it used to be. And I found myself struggling to make my life appear as wild and free as I dreamed of being.


So I tried writing about the more "basic" things in my life, but ultimately those pieces fell flat to own my ears. And if my started but unfinished blog drafts can tell you anything, its that if something doesn't come easy for me, I stop.


So now what? When I didn't like what I wrote, time spent writing felt wasted. The problem with waiting to tell my own story, however, is then I began to forget things. Not like forgetting actual moments in my life, per say, but forgetting how I was feeling in different seasons... and memories are my most coveted treasure.


But I still wasn't ready to come back to writing, so I shut down deverauxgrace.blogspot.com and I switched to some other outlets. Over the next 2 years I started (and stopped) 3 different podcasts. I also created and posted lots of adventures shown through videos on my YouTube channel. I dabbled in web design, photography, I made a documentary, and took on being a social media assistant.


The problem with all of these things is they were not telling my story in its truest form (or sometimes, they were not even telling my story at all). Don't get me wrong, its good to highlight other people & experiment with different avenues. But something was missing.


Another reason I had stopped writing was as I got older, I began thinking of potential careers, i knew I was good at forming my thoughts into words that moved people, but when I thought about being a writer, I didn't want to be an "author". The more I thought about the consistency of writing in my life, I couldn't deny that there is something that happens when I start writing a new post on my blog page that comes alive and (most of the time) the words come forth. My problem with blogging had never been what to say, but how to say it and who to say it too.


Because as anyone in my life could tell you, I've got plenty to say.


I began to realize that my greatest joy lies in storytelling and I loved writing. As I came to the end of my long line of figuring out the best way to express myself, I realized that it might be time to circle back. 5 years later, I find myself back on the internet, listening to the urging of what my nine year old self felt…to write. To tell you who I am. Coming back to blogging feels safe, a little bit like coming home.


Although I will continue to try new things, I think i'm starting to understand that I'm a writer and I can't forget that. So I'm going to try and blog a little more often now.




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