Cai Waggett

Foling Magazine 

"Visually Rewarding."

Cody Krupp


"A triumph in all regards... the challenge, the narrative, 

the film, and of course the achievement."

Fun podcast.

So fun to hear teenage girls sharing life.

We need more of this in our earbuds...especially a good listen for other teenage girls.

5 stars!!

This podcast is the best, I listen to it every week, the girls are so so funny!!!! Don’t miss it.

The Just Cuz Podcast


Videography PT.2

"The film "Bobo's Crossing" captures this young athlete's journey in vibrant color and rich imagery depicting the raw open ocean between these two links on the Hawaiian island chain. From Bobo's exciting launch to dramatic finish, filmmakers do an excellent job of touching on the momentum behind Bobo in interviews with his mentors including renowned waterman Kai Lenny, Josh Riccio, and Archie Kelepa as well as the staunch support he received from his family and community Each reveals the impact and emotion of watching Maui's next great waterman come of age.


The cinematography and energy of this young rider is showcased with Bobo's full commitment and passion in a film that captures the spirit of the Hawaiian waterman, deep love of nature, and rich culture of the community."

Evelyn O'Doherty

Standup Journal