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Updated: Mar 18, 2020

-written 11/18/16-


I hope this blog will impact people for the better.  I want people to know they can follow their dream because my dream was to start a blog and here I am doing it. 

Here are a few things you should know about me. 

#1  I love to read

#2  I love my family and friends (especially my sister Cambria)

#3  I love to make DIY room décor

#4  I love fashion

#5 I love to decorate my room (again and again)

#6  I love baking

#7  I have my own business (Island Yarn)

#8  I love to sing

#9  I love the holidays

#10 I am a Christian and I love Jesus!

#11 I love to travel and see new places

I hope you will enjoy the following posts.  I would love to do a Q & A to answer some questions that you guys comment down below your questions. 

Look for Coffee Less Chats, DIY's, "Brother Dare's", Fashion Inspiration, Recipes I Love, My Daily Happenings, and Much More!

All things beautiful,


(For more....check out IslandYarn IG & my Pinterest Board: Deveraux Gallagher)

hello world...

so lets update a few things on here shall we...

I do hope this blog will impact people for the better. I've had a blog for a while now but I am going to take a fresh start.

Here are a few things you should know about me. 

#1  I love to read

#2  I love my family

#3  I have the absolute best friends, in the world (but I'm sure everyone says that)

#4  I was born and raised under the Hawaiian sun

#5 i love playing around with my instagram or helping other people with theirs

#6  I love blogging and inspiring people

#7  I have a podcast (hello dear podcast)

#8  I love to shop and thrift

#9  I adore baking and cooking

#10 I love Jesus

#11 I love traveling all over the country and emerging myself in wonderful places

#12 I love hiking and being at the beach

#13 I love adventuring, stargazing, jumping off cliffs and filming it all on my youtube

#14 I loveeeee eating good food (I'm a total foodie), I mean who doesn’t. 

I really hope you will enjoy the following posts. I hope you will feel inspired from these posts. I hope your sense of adventure, memory, and freedom will come alive as you read for these are the things I value most in life.

much joy,


(for more... insta: @deverauxgrace_ podcast: anywhere you listen to your podcasts)

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