belting in a neighbors hot tub

I'm always one to have a plan. A strong desire of how my life will go, when things will happen, and how they will go down. 

a year ago...

"I've always told myself, you don't like living on Maui Deveraux, you never have really loved it. Yet, it's not the worst problem in the world, but i have always wanted to move away..."

That was my plan... to move when I entered high school, we would pack up our Hawaiian life and move to the mainland, San Diego maybe (I do love it there). Then Bobo (my brother) began his water career. Not casually playing in the water, his water sports turned into a sponsorship and traveling so he could compete two-three times a year, but i mean we could still move right?

I told friends, " i don't want to get too close", after all, i was moving for high school. 

Why did I not want to close even though I felt an urge to connect?

Because it had been my plan and I didn't want to let go of it. I felt the "promise" of a move slipping away. It wasn't anyone's fault and nothing had been set in stone. I remember these really rough moments when coming back from trips I would cry before leaving the mainland and when I returned home by myself in bed. I would write on whatever free piece of paper was in arms reach about how much I didn't want to leave the mainland...

It was really hard, being a very privileged white girl who hasn't experienced a lot of hardship, to feel such angst about where I live even thought Maui is a destination spot for many people. I've always had food and water, I've always had a bed (or floor) to sleep on, and clothes on my back.

so why was I struggling with this?

I believe living on maui and not liking where you live is a really hard combination. In other places there are a lot more choices for activities, classes, or adventures that you can participate in to distract you when you don't love your home base, but with maui, it's a little different.

On maui you can't leave, your literally surrounded by water on all sides, you can feel trapped at times. There are limited activities for someone who doesn't like the ocean. Living on the less inhabited side of the island is far away from stores and any mainland vibes, so that takes out growing your sorrows in shopping.

But you know how I got through it? One simple word.


I found four amazing friends who helped me through it.

I realized I was doing better living on Maui but it was only after a couple of years had passed that I realized what an impact my friends had made on that transition. In fact, it was so much of an impact that I can't imagine moving away.

For a person with a set plan and set heart to move away, i'd say thats a pretty big shift.

This is one of my favorite photos of us, we were trying to pose for a photos then someone shouted out,"I lost my gum!", and the laughter erupted... we're pretty weird.

I remember one night me and two of my friends were hanging out, my friends little brother came in the room and asked us if we wanted to go to the next door neighbors pool... we were up for the adventure. We changed into our suits, grabbed a speaker, and cut through the bushes to the water that awaited us. Okay, okay I'm making it sound quite adventurous (much more than it was in reality) I wish I could go as far as to say we were sneaking in but nope... not yet anyway.

We got to the pool (15 feet away) and the music went on, we talked laughed and ROCKED OUT until probably 9 o'clock and it was probably my favorite moment of my summer 2019, maybe even the year. I have no photos, no video, or anything else from it except the swim suit and my memories, but I like it that way.

In the past I N E V E R would have done anything like that, maybe because I didn't have the friends who were worth belting-at-the-top-of-our-lungs-in-the-hot-tub for.

I sit here today so thankful for these girles who have impacted me more then they know.

Who will let me wrap their stuff in wrapping paper (a prank) the night when she gets back from Colorado and not get mad, who will force me to stay up all night to see the sunrise at the beach, who will stop at the public restroom so we can get a mirror picture then we end up staying in there for the next 20 minutes, who will start a podcast with me, who will make me bike to Ross where they shop (I'm broke) for two hours while I follow them with a camera, who will have "Greatest Showman" dance battles with me, who will do McDonalds photo shoots, who will say yes to go pool hopping with me when we only have 30 minutes, and most of all who will be the best friends I could have asked for, loving me for who I am, and who I'm not.

So heres to you for showing me that its okay to be wild, have fun, laugh until you can't breathe, belt songs in a neighbors hot tub, and show me that maui is beautiful, exciting, hot (well, still not in love with that part) and so many other things. I truly would not be here without you.