contemplating comparison

On my most recent post I started off by saying...

At some point in your life you'll began to question what is next, what new adventure awaits you. You'll turn to instagram, pinterest, or books, to help you dream up your next “winkle”(dream). You'll consider yourself content in the life you lead but really you'll be longing for the future, waiting for a change in the stuffy rhythm of life.

But the thing is, there is another issue there. Lets take a look at the second paragraph again.

"You'll turn to instagram, pinterest, or books, to help you dream up your next “winkle”(dream)."

"You'll turn to instagram, pinterest, or books, to help you"

Lets say we replace the second part of the paragraph with some different words...

You'll turn to instagram, pinterest, or books, to help you, then you'll feel more unhappy comparing yourself to others who are just different then you.

One sentence changes the whole thing.

Here’s three points I would like to make note of:

1. you may not think you struggle with comparison, but you probably do.

2. find people who inspire you on socials

3. everyone leads a different life



There may be some people you follow on socials that you don't think twice about. But maybe as scroll you are stopped by @cleanhomewithharriethouse and look around dissatisfied with your own. Or you wish you could cook like @sarahthecookinggodess and suddenly your dishes aren't as incredible as you once thought they were. Comparison can come to life even before you realize it and now with social media there is always someone to find that you could compare some aspect of your life with and that comparison is right at our fingertips. When you get the feeling that you almost want to stop seeing someone's post and say to yourself, "Ugh, here is this person again." That might be a good indication that you just might be comparing.

Number two.


I am only 14 and maybe I want to travel the world. There are a couple of problems, I am not old enough and at this point don't have the funds to travel the world. So instead of following those travel bloggers that are doing what I want to do and make me feel dissatisfied I could follow people my age and see what they are dong with their adventurer spirit or people who live in my state and see what they are discovering right where they live. So maybe someone doesn't have a budget like @cleanhomewithharriet finds a DIY home decor account or an inexpensive easy home organization account. Find those who are more in your space, stage, and season of life. Take inventory every once in awhile and be aware of who you are following.



When comparison seems to take over and almost haunt you, it might be a good idea to take stock and recognize how different you are from the person you are comparing yourself to. Maybe right now you don't have the funds to be on a ski trip like @unicornprincess2083 but you are helping your mom pay rent and you have a super fulfilled relationship with her and you guys are close right now. You don't know the kinds of relationships @unicornprocess2083 really has or what her life is like. And in the future, you don't know if you will be on a ski trip next year or somewhere even better.

You have to sometimes step back and take stock when comparison feels too big and be grateful for the life you lead right now. Be where you are and live your life happily!