deveraux's guide to taking a trip

I am now 16 years old. I have been around the sun 16 FLIPPING TIMES. And for my birthday my family & I took a trip to San Fransisco and Carmel, California. (on a related note) A while back I found a list of travel tips I had written for a podcast episode I never recorded, I also just got back my film from the San Fransisco trip so for fun I am going to share with you “5 tips for traveling, interspersed with photos- let us begin.

tip 1) Keep in contact with your friends so you don’t feel so out of the loop when you get back and it will make coming home a lot easier.

tip 2) You’re not going to need as much stuff as you think you’ll need on the plane so pack a light carry-on, this way your back won't hurt as bad walking through the airport.

tip 3) Have a top 3 “have to see” then write another list of things you’d like to get to but don’t need to get to, this removes the disappointment of not getting to everything on your list.

tip 4) Bring an actual meal on the plane- not a snack. It gives you something to do (eating) & it makes you feel more filled than a quick snack.

tip 5) Pack light! Bring practical things you wear every day (don’t try to change your style for a trip) but it’s also okay to bring one or two “wild card” pieces.

tip 6) SURPRISE!! bonus tip: write a list of 3-5 things you want to buy on your trip instead of going in with the mindset “I’m on vacation- I can buy whatever I want”. It helps you save money and actually buy things you need while having the memory of "I bought this in (blank).

That's all for today- a fun lil random post for ya... H&K DEV