digging through the rubble


Today I am going to do a more "dev thoughts" post talking about something I was reading recently... Today I am going to be talking about something I was reading about in the Magnolia Journal "in pursuit of wholeness" (the most recent issue) and it really stuck with me so without further ado lets get going...

Today I will be talking about "kintsugi" (kint-soo-gee) which means "golden repair" or mending golden ceramics with gold, this art dates back to 15th-century Japan when artists and craftsman were looking for a more aesthetic way to mend broken ceramics," it involves using gold dust and resin or lacquer to mend the broken pieces.

Because all of our lives is neither broken or complete and there are spaces that need mending we can either attend immediately when we're in our busy, crazy lives and fill it with the immediate option, rubble, ash and stuff the will ultimately come back to hunt us. Or we can take time to go under the surface and find the specks of gold... the kintsugi. The idea of kintsugi is supposed to refocus our idea on what should of been towards creating something for the future, a beautiful prospect for later. Kintsugi provides a clearer vision into an object's scars providing us as humans to connect in a way special to each one of us. It gives us an opportunity to see our lives as rare works of art.

-hoped you enjoyed this post...see you next time... Deveraux

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