disposable diaries; burning bush

today is Wednesday the 23rd. yesterday less then a mile from our house a fire shot up. lives, houses, and everything was endangered. I didn't know if I would see my stuff again. there is an impact knowing that a fatal moment could change EVERYTHING! fires have sprung up around Maui recently and I have been worried for the people affected but I hate to say this the phrase "at least it wasn't me" goes through mind when those things happen, welcome to human nature peeps... wish it wasn't so alas it is. something crazy happens when you are walking through your room saying what do I want to have, and then letting the rest go to the leaping flames. we are okay. our house is okay. but it just affects you. it's like, will I be sitting around the Christmas tree with our ornaments this year, the Terrible part is you don't know. I just wanted to mark this moment a bit of a journal entry to just say that life happens, you can't live in fear, and everything that fills the spaces you love, you don't need... I think it may be time to purge 😉.

(disposable diaries stands for a worry I'm ready to let go of but also remember, does that make sense, lets get rid of that baggage!!!)