disposable diaries: honolua burgers and hrvy

There was the season of life where I loved macrame, not the really detailed kind but the admittedly simple kind, basically yarn looped over a peace of driftwood and the occasional pom pom. One of my moms great friends had a daughter three years older then me, I guess we never had much to do together so we decided on a macrame business as she was teaching me how to do it one night. We created an Instagram and Etsy and had two sales... family friends.

There was the season of life where my mom had meeting at church every Tuesday at 10:00, me and Cambria who I was responsible to watch would head to our church's sanctuary called the barn (a very Hawaiian building with only two walls) I would make singing videos, pretend I was doing worship service, and lead my bible study (filmed on my 2010 iPad) "friendships forever," the members of the study... me and Cambria.

There was the season of life where me and my pig-buddy-best-friend (don't ask) would have hula practice together. We would meet early for practice at the honolua store and order a honolua burger to split, bun, burger patty, tomato, lettuce, bacon, and pineapple, with curly fries and no onions. Those were good times, we would run past the barn where jr. high youth group was taking place trying to avoid the middle school boys running around and we would fly up to the oasis (where we did hula) eating our burger as quickly as we could because we were always late for practice.

There was the season of life when I was in kintergrarden, the first time I would ever go to school I had Ms.hurgi (her-a-ge) I was basically the teachers pet, a calm organized student just ready to learn, my teacher noticed and thought I would be a good example for the boys, I was seated next to Sammy (the class clown). I H A T E D it (sorry Sammy). I'd always be so uncomputable, for a girl who really loved the idea of school to come into this... rough. My mom had to have a conversation with Ms.hurage and I was seated next to my best friend Anya before the next semester... the school year flew by after that.

There was my 1st grade teacher Ms.Lebel, gosh I loved her she had a little white terrier, Oscar I think. She was so calm, composed, and made school so fun. There was the time where my mom missed the thanksgiving poem we were reciting, my class started to recite, I looked in the audience and she wasn't there.

There was the season when I became best friends with Avery, she is still one of my best friends today, she's amazing. I would do hand motions for Sunday school worship songs while my mom played guitar. She was in the Sunday school class and she told me (later) that she thought "that girl (me) looks cool", little Avery... look at us now. When we first became close we started our dating advice show "datesies and dumpsies" giving our viewers (0) dating advice from special guests (ourselves in whatever costumes available).

Then there was the summer we were obsessed with HRVY that was a F U N summer, the summer me and my current best friends became really close, we would sing at the top of our lungs to personal,

Like yeah she gone mess with you head

Oh yeah and she'll flirt with your friends oh yeah

Make you wish you were dead

Everytime she moves on she says

(Don't take it personal)

(Don't take it personal)

And I mean C O N S T A N T singing, friendship bracelets, beach and pool times, trampoline sleepovers and all nighters, and so much more mark that summer, it felt like we owned the world.