disposable diaries: mr.Mendez and pink wigs

It was class list day.

I had come from 1st grade and I loved school, it was truly exhilarating.

I saw the class list on the board, I had gotten Mr.Mendez (insert scream) Mr.Mendez was the teacher to have, he was a 5th grade teacher transferring over and he was so fun!!!!! The teacher who wore a bright pink wig for his yearbook photo, as a 40 year old (older) man... and all of my besties were in that class, this was going to be a year to remember.

Then, we were moving, my parents gave me the option to go to school for six months then we would move, or to not go to school at all. To enter this new world known as homeschooling...

I'm guessing you know what I chose, little did I know my last day of 1st grade was going to be my last day of school (in a building) period.

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