peace and quiet


Peace and quiet are not complicated in fact, the definitions of both are simple...

Peace- freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility

Quiet- making little or no noise

And yet even with opportunities to take quiet and peaceful moments we either don't and move on to the next thing or we do but plan the next thing. There is no escaping the future but there is pausing, waiting, and trusting that time will stop long enough for us to take a tiny breather, and quiet moment. So we have the definition, we have the time, and we have the opportunities to pause and be quiet, so let's do it...

YOU DID IT! you paused, you were quiet, you ARE quiet, but now what?

I find it quite hard to sit, journal, and wait, but all too fast I can read, plan, or even just write, so if you have a hard time pausing and being quiet you are not alone. I looked up "how to pause" on google search when writing this post, I was hoping it would be this pretty blog that I could cut and paste from but no there was just a few simple questions

How do you pause a printer?

Can you pause a windows update?

How do I pause Google Ad words?

Can you pause an upload on youtube?

How did google search know exactly what I needed? this is what we need to do maybe you have had a hard day maybe you have had a good day but when you pause you need to pause whatever you are doing maybe you are trying to write a email and you say "I am going to go pause" but after seconds of silence the screen comes back on. It may not be a printer or a upload on youtube that you are trying to pause but whatever it is pausing and being quiet won't work if you are really busy.

Why I think it is important to find peace and quiet is because then you will get drowned in everything you are facing if we just live in the future and go crazy with lives and plans and never get those peaceful and quiet moments then nothing thoughtful will happen, and everything we have inside will get built up on noise and crazy UNpeaceful events. You need to be in the quiet and have peace to listen to your heart, soul, and mind.

There is a picture it is me with a suitcase getting ready to board a plane and it marks a lot of my life I do not mean I am always traveling I mean I am always waiting or wishing that I am traveling or I wish I lived somewhere else or wish that I went to public school. there is a joy in homeschooling you get to wake up slowly and not worry about being late for school you don't have to raise your hand to ask a question and you can mostly learn at your own pace, but you do not get to wake up and get dressed and go to a building and eat lunch with friends, and then come home to snacks on the table and your mom waiting to see your work, because in homeschooling you rarely leave you can always get snacks and your mom already knows what you have done that day because she did it with you. why I am always waiting for TRAVEL TIME I do not know exactly I often feel like I live in a place that everyone wants to travel to but yet half of the time I don't enjoy it. last night I was wishing I had a different lifestyle and when everyone was doing something I sat on my bed and listened and I was quiet and peaceful, there is that word those words I should say they mark so much of everyones lives not in the way you would think most of the time we are wishing we were more peaceful and quiet or that our lifestyle was more peaceful and quiet or that we should be more peaceful and quiet and yet often we don't recognize that feeling, and am still waiting still feeling and still learning my feelings so I can't give a answer to how that felt because I am living and learning that feeling today last night I wasn't thinking about being peaceful and quiet I just was, you have to just be to have those perfect moments those peace filled and quiet moments.