social media & scrolling mindlessly

150 years ago the world was immensely different. There was no cars, phones, TVs, or computers. Things were simple and slow-moving. You wouldn’t wake up, check your phone, look at Instagram, scroll mindlessly, take cute photos of yourself, or be open to the level of comparison that we are today. I don’t think people were ever meant to feel as much comparison as we do now.

150 years ago you were only exposed to people in your circle, those who you worked with, passed on the street, bought your groceries from, or ate around the table with. Today you can compare yourself to celebrities like, Kim Kardashian or Justin Bieber & I believe we were never supposed to have so much access to comparison.

Success today starts so much earlier, 150 years ago teens would never have compared themselves to teens across the globe but today they can compare themselves to multi-million dollar teenagers who they don't even really know.

How does this comparison effect confidence, a sense of self, and enjoyment in ones own life? If you can’t even look at Instagram without falling into self doubt than your whole mindset about yourself will be shifted every time you interact with people. And that causes an immense problem, what problem? Connection is so important but if every time you try to connect with someone you fall into self doubt you’ll have a very hard life.

CEO's who work at companies in places like Silicon Valley have began to design their offices so that you’ll never want to leave, complete with coffee bars, napping pods, movie rooms, etc. Now CEO's for Instagram and other large social media platforms are doing the same, they keep adding more and more features to your apps making it so you never want to stop being on them. This causes you to have less time, less rest and more comparison.

So, what can we do, when struck by comparison.

Can we avoid Instagram or interactions with people that we compare ourselves too? Part of the time maybe, but there will always be people surrounding you. We can’t avoid human interaction at all costs and we don’t need too. The trick of exposing comparison is realizing where (or who) you compare yourself to. Do you just compare yourself to people in “real life”, or maybe you only compare yourself to people on tv or social media. Realizing where comparison has the strongest hold on your life and starting from that point (maybe try, if you compare yourself to certain tv shows or instagram accounts- try to avoid those shows/accounts).

Another trick to battle comparison is finding where your identity comes from. Does your identity come from God or somewhere else, & there's a good chance that if you don't have a constant source of identity you will struggle with comparison.

My final tip for you is to realize that everyone goes through struggles daily, its not a quick fix but everyone is similar to you in your struggle with comparison- the people you compare yourself to might even be comparing themselves to you.