stop and smell the flowers


The world around us is very quick paced and we need to stop and smell the flowers... It’s Wednesday and although we are one day late let’s pretend that it’s Tuesday and you know what that means... #devtalktuesday!!! So what I mean about “stopping and smelling the flowers” is that when we are hurrying to our next thing we sometimes miss the most important thing and besides, if we rush to hard we miss what God could be trying to tell us and and we have to believe that when we stop we can take the time to “smell the flowers” because His love is strong enough for us and we will get what needs to be done in time with God!! When we cast our cares on Him we can be calm and take time to enjoy life without rushing to the next thing.

I always have had a fear of missing out, I am not afraid of heights or small spaces but I am always afraid that I will miss out on something while I am gone. Now I can take 30 second showers (not joking) because I feel like if I don’t hurry I will miss out so I DO continually hurry to the next thing and I need to be reminded that I can pause and “smell the flowers” and that God can take my cares and I will make it on time to my next thing OR see or find something better.

Part of why I love travel is because when I travel with my family it’s the five of us together and I don’t miss out on anything and there’s no appointments no lists just the five of us exploring paths, beaches, going to new restaurants, having new options, and most of all new opportunities and adventure!

I think that people could say that if you smell the flowers you would miss your appointment but if you don’t smell the flowers you could miss your opportunities!!! So which would you rather miss appointments or opportunities you get to decide but I am going to stick by god and miss the appointments so I can experience the opportunities!!