the Empire State building; a perspective


The empire state building 

looking out from the top of the empire state building you get a very different feel then from the streets of New York. that feeling is perspective when you are eighty-six floors up you have a pretty high view, watching the clouds swirl around and watching the city below me was a perspective I had never had before, I felt a little bit like how god probably feels so high up and just taking everything in. I recall a highlight was recognizing the different buildings in Manhattan was looking down at a colorful ball and realize that is the ball drop was expecting it made me feel so close to something I watch on tv.  I have this picture where the city is just sweeping out from below me, while  the sky is just a brilliant blue, I felt like I was the empire which is ironic since I was in the Empire State, New York, in the empire state building. seeing the different views or perspectives was important to me, I captured this one photo in one of my many times around the 1,454 building, and I love it because there is this streak 

of light across the city, and I think that this sun ray was captured because It showed me that god will never focus on just one stick of light or people, he will focus on everyone. although it was completed in 1931 it has showed up in many many movies and tv shows 250 to be exact. The empire state building looked just like you see it in postcards. after first walking In I was adoring of this music of the state of liberty, and as I paused and looked closer I realized that this peace of art involved many pieces kind of like all of the people form different nationalities. I felt the diverse crowds gather at the top as they nudged to see the view. the architecture impressed me and I was impressed because even though there were millions and millions of buildings they all seemed to fit together like one big puzzle. but the thing that I took away most was all the hard work that it took to see the empire state building standing 1,454 feet tall.