the internet is my second mom

So if you’ve been following me for a while and you haven’t already guessed: the Internet is my second mom.

However much my real mom and Jaron Lammer (10 Reasons to Delete your Social Media) are going to hate this, I feel it is my duty to tell the truth.

Disney Channel taught me what it’s like to have an older brother, play pranks on your friends, and go to a cheese festival in Wisconsin. Low budget Netflix romcoms taught me what it "truly" means to be in love. When I got a swollen lymph node, I remembered the episode, "Voice-A-Rooney" from Liv & Maddie and I thought I might never sing again.

I loved the Arts, so naturally I tried to dip my toe in the kiddie pool of acting. I thought about the Disney Channel lifestyle I could be apart of and I had my, “Hi, my name is Deveraux and you’re watching Disney Channel” Mickey Mouse drawing sequence on tap. I auditioned for my first drama when I was 9, I wrote and memorized a poem about apple pie for my monologue. Why apple pie you might ask? Because my grandpa was the director and his favorite dessert, apple pie. Theres nothing wrong with a young woman trying to get ahead, right?

When I was un-tastefully cast as 1 of 3 blind girls in "Miracle Worker" I did my one line with dignity then I decided to quit acting altogether, except for once-in-a-while coming out of retirement for my local Christmas play.

I then transitioned into music and public speaking. My bible study really took off; the one member (me) really enjoyed it. I also dabbled in "leading worship" and I really leaned into pastoring my "community". I really do deeply believe that my mirror learned a lot from my teachings.

Unfortunately, with most dreams that are crushed (as mine were) the problem is fame requires something to be famous about, (What a buzzkill.) and as for me, I didn't have much going for me, except for my quick wit & subpar personality.

So, like everyone else with only quick wits & subpar personalities I turned to YouTube and blogging for my career plan, and as with any good pivot I came up with a list of goals...


  • Start a YouTube channel: evoke your inner venerable, kind, effortless, only-posting-when-you-feel-like-it presence

  • Avoid hauls ( $$$) and hashtags at all cost but focus on "Coffee Chats"

  • Create a Instagram presence with photoshoots once a month and witty captions like "there's no reason why you can't take a cute photo by a vacuum"

  • As you unfortunately don't have any brand deals (yet) post #notsponsered content

  • Avoid your mothers camera at all costs, you never know what photos she might snap and put on her blog, when you get famous, you can't be having bad press

And so, with that, I began my social media influencing career. The accomplishment I would have to be most proud of would definitely be "Wednesday Wonders" where I shared (to my loyal 45 followers) my top 5 favorites for the week. That received almost 50% ENGAGEMENT so I obviously had no choice but to add a "Friday Favorites" as well.

I ultimately decided to end my fame searching journey about 2 years ago but yet here I am still posting on this trusty blog I've had from the beginning. I do try and remove myself from social medias relentless clutches (I'm working hard Jaron Lammer) as much as I can, but I do still check Instagram, I still have Pinterest, and I am posting on YouTube as inactively as I planned from the beginning.

I guess you could say what goes around comes around because ultimately I haven't stopped posting for an "audience" (no matter how small, Karen) i'm just posting for me now, instead of fake endorsement deals.

So, H&K internet besties, i'm back and as inactive as ever (kidding, kinda),