We have anything and everything at our fingertips. our phones, houses, food, travels, everything makes us feel like we are in some kind of paradise. yes there are going to be struggles, some bigger then others but if you’re anything like me your struggles are small compared to lots of people in the world. sometimes when I’ve had a particularly good beach day, or some particularly good cake, I’ll find myself thinking this is heaven. in fact, I believe that most of us almost consider our world to be like heaven without even thinking it. so when tragedies come, say a pandemic, we are surprised. this isn’t the plan, we feel awkward, we can’t be in control.

On Palm Sunday people lay down their palm branches and said “hosanna in the highestheaven,” it doesn’t seem right for there to be a pandemic because we mindlessly forget this isn’t heaven, we have to go higher to be free. we own nothing in this world and this earth where we live is going to be filled with troubles so we have to keep waiting to be free.

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