Today I am coming at you with the long-awaited room decor post... so on Wednesday, I did a post talking about "kintsugi" (check it out here), something i had read about in Magnolia Journal and today i plan to do the same... sooooo... I was requested to do a fall room post and so I decided to talk about "wabi-sabi"- finding beauty in the perfectly imperfect and how to implement that into my room...

Wabi-Sabi embraces the chaos of everyday happenings and objects we so often try to hide, it encourages us to embrace and show our true colors... humanity. simply put, wabi-sabi finds beauty in the perfectly imperfect and gives us the freedom to do the same. A wabi-sabi room is intimate, simple, and unpretentious. It might mean having books stacked on the floor, mixing the expensive and affordable, or incorporating pieces of furniture passed from generation to generation. Its making space in your room for family photos, wildflowers, and objects that you know and love. Its encouraging you to cherish things that express joy and sentiment rather than status. Making your space personal means sometimes making do with what you have, and then learning to love it. The goal?  Striking a balance between the beautiful, polished design we love to aspire to and the rough-around-the-edges pieces. Letting your room breathe with who you fully are and not anything else.

Wabi-Sabi here looks like keeping up baby pictures of you, it’s your past, why hide it?

Wabi-Sabi here is highlighting all your fave people and quotes, it’s who you are!!

Wabi-Sabi here is highlighting old family trunks to create a mismatched slightly cluttery look.

Wabi-Sabi here is using old ribbon to create a hanging price of art...

Wabi-Sabi here is keeping up a calendar from 2017 just because you love the pictures!!